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Spanish Teaching Jobs


Southern Teachers Agency currently has numerous Spanish teaching jobs listed by schools for the 2011-12 school year These jobs range from teaching Spanish to elementary students through AP Spanish Literature and Language courses.  Occasionally, the jobs will call for an ability to teach an additional foreign language as well.


STA is the oldest teacher-placement service in America.  We receive job listings from hundreds of PK-12 private schools around the South.  Schools come to STA because they recognize the value of STA’s help in recruiting & screening talented candidates. 


Certification is not required by private schools for many Spanish teaching jobs.


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For most PK-12 Spanish positions, a bachelor’s degree with a major in Spanish (or at the very least a minor) is essential, but teacher certification is not.  Of course, a degree in foreign-language education is highly desirable, as is a master’s degree in Spanish.  Candidates should have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.  Candidates will be required to undergo an oral Spanish-language proficiency assessment.  Candidates must speak fluent English as well.  Some of these positions require prior teaching experience.


Application process:


Interested candidates should apply to Southern Teachers Agency.  The process consists of completing an STA application (available online), sending a credentials file, and having a telephone interview.  A formal language assessment will also be given during the application process.


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