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Production, edition, & publishing:

Jorge Majfud

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English proofreading: Writing Center


Rosa Gyuris, Gabrielle Hickman, Timothy Gallaher, Ed McCourt. Alexa Ballard, Christopher Gabriel, Jizzyan Gesualdo, Lissette Minehart, Jabnel Santos, Jesus Soto, Gabriela Roman, javier medina bernal, claudia amengual, and Agustín Díaz Pacheco.

Photos: Christina Kelso, Editor, & Morguefile

Printer: Peggy Rickey, JU Duplication Office.

The views of authors as presented in their articles do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Latinoture editorial staff.


Article Reviews:                         4

Scholarships:                          6

Brief Meditation on Language:                         7

Courses 2014:                          8

What good is another language?                 9

Mesa Latina:                         10

Estudiante del año                        14

Thomas Jefferson on Languages:             16

Don Quixote                             17

Letter From Jefferson:                                    18

Carta de Jefferson:                           20

Cine Latinoamericano:                        24

Gramática comparada:                        26

Alexa Ballard:                        28

Christopher Gabriel:                       30

Jizzian Gesualdo:                        32

Lissette Matos:                         34

Palabras:                                     35

Jabnel Santos:                         36

Jesus Soto:                         38

La comida puertorriqueña:                     40

El revólver:                         41

Che Guevara:                         42

Religion in Cuba:                                    44

Javier Medina Bernal:                         50

Desdistancias:                         54

What Good Is Culture?:                        56


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