Latinoture is possible thanks to support from the JU Division of Humanities. It is distributed to more than a hundred universities and high schools throughout the country and abroad. A PDF format is also available online at languages.ju.edu

Chair: Scott Kimbrough.

Jacksonville University. College of Arts and Sciences. Division of Humanities. 2800 University Blvd N. Jacksonville, Florida, 32211

Board: Douglas Hazzard, Therese Vitrant O’Connell, María Gonzalez, Jorge Majfud

Production, edition, & publishing:

Jorge Majfud

Council Building 146

Tel 904-256-7929 jmajfud@ju.edu

The views of authors as presented in their articles do not necessarily represent the opinions of the Latinoture editorial staff.


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Douglas M. Hazzard.

Dean, College of Arts & Sciences; Associate Professor of Spanish; B.A., M.A., Johns Hopkins University; Ph.D., Duke University. E-mail:dhazzar@ju.edu. Tel 904-256-7100

Therese Vitrant O’Connell

Professor of French & German; Licence es Lettres, Maitrise, Doctorat de 3e cycle, University of Lille III, France. toconne@ju.edu. Tel 904-256-7103

Jorge Majfud

Assistant Professor of Spanish; Portuguese. Architect, Universidad de la República del Uruguay; M.A., Ph.D., University of Georgia. E-mail: jmajfud@ju.edu . Tel 904-256-7929  majfud.org   ​

María de los Ángeles González

Instructor of Spanish; B.A., Catholic University of Puerto Rico; M.A., Universidad de Salamanca. E-mail: mgonzal5@ju.edu . Tel 904-256-7383

Mary Johnson

Adjunct Instructor of French. B.A. Dartmouth College. M.A.T. French, Jacksonville University. mjohnso1@ju.edu. Tel 904 646 0170 

Jessica Lee

Secretary. Tel. 904-256-7102. e-mail:  jlee36@ju.edu

Contact Chair for the Division of Humanities:

Scott Kimbrough, Chair. B.A., Southwestern University; Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Office: Council 127. 904-256-7118 e-mail: skimbro@ju.edu